As part of the company’s social reporting, the Gender Equality Report for the year 2019 was presented.  Among the figures, it first shows that women represent more than 16% of the workforce;  a significant high value for our business (total workforce of less than 100 people).  Furthermore, we must also emphasise the fact that the percentage of training is balanced between men and women.  And finally, that the only internal promotion carried out in 2019 involved a woman, who has become Responsible for the most important business line within YVROUD, i.e. Plumbing & HVAC.  Simultaneously with this new role, she has also joined the Management Team, which has a fairly exceptional male/female breakdown, regardless of the type and size of the company, since there are 3 out of 7 members!

Beyond this observation, the action plan validated by the Economic and Social Committee of the company for the year 2020, will treat the four following themes:  Hiring, Training, Actual Income and the link between a professional activity and family responsibilities.  Among the selected targets, let us note those aiming at reducing stereotypes attached to some of our trades or to support working from home.

Anticipating the imposition of legislation, the Gender Equality Index was first discussed:  the very low female presence in a very large number of jobs within the company, in the end makes this index not calculable.

This is therefore the indicator of a new recruiting challenge for YVROUD!