On the initiative of Céline MASSA, Christophe ROUSTAN (Security Engineer at GCC) came on site on Friday 31st January, to present a first training session on slinging*.

Adapted to our trades and to the different situations encountered by our teams on its multiple intervention sites, this training is intended for Works Supervisors, Site Foremans, Team Leaders, Maintenance Technicians (Underground Tunnelling and Plumbing HVAC) as well as Workshop staff (Metalwork, Storekeeper, Prefabrication):  about 30 people involved.

The training was therefore planned in 3 groups, mixing as much as possible different departments, and spread over 3 Friday mornings:  31st January, 7th February and 21st February 2020.  It includes a theoretical part addressing concepts to be respected in terms of lifting and safety, as well as an outdoor practical part (different loads to be handled by directing a mobile crane).

* Slinging describes all the operations necessary to attach (via so-called linkage equipment) a load to a lifting device.