The refurbishment of the Paris RER Stations is one of the major axes of the investment policy required by the RATP, which is part of an improvement plan based on spaces. As part of this, the Auber Station is number one priority. Suggested by the RATP, Line A master diagram, approved in June 2012 by the STIF, therefore includes “the renovation of the Auber Station, which current state requires a significant improvement in quality of service for travelers”.
Therefore, YVROUD was honored to carry out the prework so that asbestos removal companies and waterproofers start their refurbishment work in downpipes to the station platforms.
The work includes:

  • Dry columns extinguishing systems: design/drop off/supply/installation/maintenance of fire intakes in the Transit Hall, modification of current networks so that pipelines no longer run into downpipes to the platforms (high and low landing). As well as all hydrostatic and hydrodynamic tests required.
  • Design/drop off/supply/installation of a fire hose reel system (RIA) in the Transit Hall.

This project started in December 2016 to end in April 2017.