Yvroud has just finished in a very nice way its worksite of the Saint-Béat tunnel located in the South-West of France. A project, which was part of a road network development between France & Spain. Yvroud was in charge of implementing the complete ventilation of this tunnel (1 066 metres long) and completed its service by carrying out different types of tests to validate the installed ventilation and smoke extraction system. In addition, real fire tests were achieved by setting fire to a car inside the tunnel. This 6 MW fire was able to highlight the efficiency of the equipment put in place by Yvroud, which includes: 2 motor fans blowing fresh air 40 m3/s + 2 isolating registers + sound traps and associated ducts systems – 2 extraction/smoke evacuation fans 110 m3/s + 2 isolating registers and associated ducts systems – 10 smoke extraction hatches in exhaust air duct – etc.
Note: in addition to carrying out ventilation work, Yvroud was also in charge of Metalwork and Fire Prevention.

Fire tests Saint Béat tunnel – watch the video (French version only)