The construction of a new offices skyscraper located in the La Défense business centre, necessarily involves a number of side projects.
Thus, as part of the work to tilt the Trinity tower project ventilation ducts, Yvroud supplied and installed 27 level 3 fireproof stainless steel dampers (HCM 120 and CN 240), 910 mm x 530 mm, making three fireproof curtains consisted of a set of 9 fire dampers each.
Our patented fireproof dampers (patent No 06 02040) were manufactured in our Aiton production area and meant for the tunnel located in the area of La Coupole-Regnault.
In order to maintain the principle of air release in the Trinity Project covered lane, our fireproof dampers were associated with a fire detection system and installed inside the wall of the Trinity D lane.
In addition to fire dampers, Yvroud also installed fireproof doors with resistance ratings, ranging from level 1 to level 3.