Tunnels are essential in our daily lives. They allow us to move quickly and safely, even in areas that are difficult to access. However, accelerators (fans used for both sanitary ventilation and smoke extraction in the event of an unexpected event) used in tunnels have a limited lifespan. It is therefore important to maintain them in order to guarantee their safety and effectiveness.

Yvroud specialises in the retrofit of tunnel accelerators.  We work on all types of accelerators. and have a lot of expertise, with more than a hundred machines retrofitted over approximately 10 years in this field.

The retrofit of tunnel accelerators is a durable and effective solution to extend their lifespan without modifying the constructive, technical, dimensional principle and the performances announced by the manufacturer. The fire resistance rating is therefore respected.

  • Reduce waste: ♻️ the retrofit allows old accelerators to be reused, which avoids throwing them away;
  • Limit CO2 emissions: 🏭 the manufacture of a new accelerator generates CO2 emissions.  The retrofit makes it possible to reduce these emissions by extending the lifespan of existing accelerators;

The retrofit of tunnel accelerators is a solution that meets sustainability challenges and environmental responsibility.  Our expertise and know-how allow us to guarantee quality intervention, on time and in the best safety conditions.

All phases such as handling on site, dismantling in the workshop, replacement of wearing parts, vibration and electrical tests in the workshop, reassembly and commissioning on site, etc. are mastered by our internal teams specially trained in the demanding specificities of our customers and the safety of our technicians.

Do not hesitate to contact tiphaine.marcon@yvroud.com for more information. We will be delighted to support you in your tunnel accelerator retrofit project.