Between June 2017 and October 2018, Yvroud carried out the plumbing/sanitary work of the Club Med des Arcs, named Arcs Panorama by the client himself.
A luxury 4/5 star hotel located in Courchevel 1600, with 630 rooms (GM® and Go® included) as well as a ski room, a swimming pool, a spa, a concept restaurant and a baby club.
For our company, Arcs Panorama means 41 km of PEX tubing for water distribution, 8.7 km of PVC tubing for drainage, 4.8 km of cast iron material, 4.6 km of stainless steel tubing for water supply, 535 wall mounted toilets fixing frames and 2 124 mixer taps.
In addition, we also used our skill in terms of prefabrication as all the stainless steel and PVC water columns of the 249 bedrooms were made in our Aiton production area as well as some of the parts located in the technical room.
The project was successfully approved on 31st October with hardly any restrictions regarding our work.